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Many members of the Caregiver's Army put in lots of work to promote awareness and have created materials to aid the cause and caregicers. You will find information on the member and the items and where to purchase these items on this page.

Now you can listen and download beautiful renditions of The Alzheimer's Patient's Prayer and The Alzheimer's Mini-ad - in mp3 format.

The entire Caregiver's Army extends our condolences to the friends and family of one of our most active, hard working members, Dr. Franklin K Cassel. Dr. Cassel was 90 at the time of his death, born April 22, 1914 at Fairview Village, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He was a medical doctor (geriatric specialist) and later in life, also a minister. He lived at Brethren Village in Lancaster, Pa.

After his beloved wife Peggy died of Alzheimer's, Dr. Cassel authored numerous books, videos and got out there for thousands of signatures on the army petition. We will miss him and his tireless efforts in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease.

Franklin's involvment in the Caregiver's Army can be see through out the site including the About the People Page, the Accomplishments, Page, Caregiver's Army DC Trip Page, and many more contributions.

Dr. Franklin Cassel - A tireless advocate and past caregiver for his wife Peggy. Franklin has put in foot hours going before congress, presenting classes and gathering signatures as well as writing and comiling his book and video.

Franklin describes his items as:

" My little book 'Flowers for Peggy, One couples experience with Alzheimer's' and my video 'Coping with Alzheimer's' were written and made out of a strong desire to be helpful to caregivers, families and others dealing with this dread disease."

The book reflects what I learned during the caring for my wife in our eight year struggle with Alzheimer's with special emphasis on the need to keep the patient feeling loved and still important.

The video was made by Elizabethtown College as an informational tool that all might understand the disease and what it takes to effectively cope with this monster Alzheimer's. Every one should have some understanding of this disease so as to be able to help the victim and their family.

The book $1:50 and video $6:50 can be obtained from me at

Franklin K. Cassel,
3001 Lititz Pike,
Lancaster, PA 17606-5093"

Carolyn Haynali is the spokesperson for the Caregiver's Army and has devoted herself full time to the cause. Her tireless efforts have brought important attention to the casue and she has participated in many projects.

She is a contributing author to the book "The Fearless Caregiver", available at Amazon.com and many othe on and off-line book stores. Carolyn describes her contributions to this book:

"I wrote the story about placing Chuck in a nursing home INTO HANDS OF STRANGERS.......Placing A Love One Into A Nursing Home I gave it to Gary Barg freely ask for no money in return also the poem is in it too Alzheimer Patient's Prayer. I wrote this article to help me and other caregivers to try to understand how I felt about placing Chuck the love of my life into a home......it was very hard to do but now I can see it was the best place for him. I could no longer take care of him and was always worried that something would happen to me and then what would happen to Chuck. That is no longer a problem for me anymore he is taken good care of. I still over see his care and miss him very much. But you have to decide for yourself what it is you have to do.......no one can make that decision for you. Out of my heart and my own feeling came this story I pray it helps others going on this journey with Alzheimers......like I am......."

Carolyn also has poems published in a book called A Celebration of Poets (The Face You See)2/09/1998 American At The Millennium (My Angel Friend)8/11/99 Between Darkness and Light (Time) 2/4/2000

For an mp3 of the prayer - click here.

For an inspirational reading mp3 click here.

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